Asian Elephant Fun Facts Timber Tile + Matching Colour In Card


As the journey begins to learn about motherlands, homelands, and other far off places with significant and ancient histories, arts, and cultures, the questions arise, “What country is this?” “Where are we from?” “What’s life like there?” We help answer your little ones’ questions while exploring the world with our gorgeous wooden fun facts and anatomy tiles! 

Come join us on a fun and colourful learning journey as we get to know about the Asian Elephant! This gorgeous timber tile displays beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations of the Asian elephant family and teaches interesting facts about this majestic mammal and how we can do our part to keep these beautiful beings safe on our planet!

Each pack includes a wooden tile and matching colouring in card. Created to complement sensory play with our Asian Elephant Eco Cutter set!

Origin: Designed and made in Australia with love

Material: Radiata pine, sanded and sealed

Dimensions:  148 mm x 105 mm

Colour in Card: 148 mm x 105 mm

* For hygienic purposes, this product is FINAL SALE. No returns or exchanges.